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Peter Murphy's Story: Once Apon a Time You Lived in a Castle

December 29, 2021 Vince and Jeanna Season 1 Episode 38
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Peter Murphy's Story: Once Apon a Time You Lived in a Castle
Show Notes

In this Episode:

Meet Peter Murphy, writer and recovering alcoholic with 50 years of sobriety. In this episode, Peter tells how he was abused as a child by a priest, his descent into alcoholism, waking up drunk in a gutter, and how writing helped inspire his recovery.

Episode Highlights:

  • Burying his mother's suicide in his memory.
  • Traveling through Wales to run from the trouble.
  • Being haunted by his past in drinking dreams and writing through it to heal.
  • Quitting alcohol.
  • Using his expertise in writing to help others.
  • The 28th Annual Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway, January 14-17, 2022.
  • About Once Upon a Time You Lived in a Castle

Peter's Bio:

In addition to being the founder of Murphy Writing of Stockton University in Atlantic City, Peter has consulted numerous organizations and school districts from coast to coast. He has been an advisor to three PBS television series on poetry with Bill Moyers and was recognized as a Distinguished Teacher by the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars in the Arts.

Peter began writing his recently completed memoir, "Once Upon a Time You Lived in a Castle," to better understand how his mother’s suicide when he was seven and ongoing abuse by a priest led to his addiction to alcohol as a teenager.

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