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Great Changes for Alabama Recovery Residences

October 19, 2021 Vince and Jeanna Episode 34
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Great Changes for Alabama Recovery Residences
Show Notes

In this Episode:

Anyone can open a sober living home for people in recovery. Unfortunately, sometimes these homes have low living standards and don’t provide the support for successful recovery. 

In this episode of Back Porch Chats, Vince and Jeanna talk to three women who are trying to change that. Haley Beason, Lisa Teggart, and Laurye Brunson are instrumental in establishing regulations in Alabama for sober living homes. Listen to this episode to find out more about AARR (Alabama Alliance for Recovery Residences) and how you can get involved.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is a sober living home?
  • AARR and the different certification levels as well as recovery residences code of ethics.
  • The certification benefits for the families of people in recovery and the community surrounding the homes.
  • Where you can go to learn more about recovery home standards and certification.

To contact AARR or learn more, go to:





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