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Sailing Sober with Paul Trammell

March 05, 2022 Vince and Jeanna Season 2 Episode 5
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Sailing Sober with Paul Trammell
Show Notes

In this Episode:

In this episode of Back Porch Chats, we talk to the author of seven books, Paul Trammell about living sober as a solo sailor. Paul talks about how his decision to stop drinking alcohol led to living a nomadic life on the sea and the completion of his book Alcoholics Not Anonymous, A Modern Way to Quit Drinking. His book focuses on how he designed his own method of sobriety without the help of AA. Paul is the author of several other books including, The Joy of Living Clean and Sober, Becoming a Sailor, Journey to the Ragged Island, and Dead Flowers on Wednesday.

Episode Highlights:

  • Sailing as a reward and substitute for alcohol.
  • Living sober on a sailboat.
  • Finding a new identity in sobriety.
  • His process to getting sober and putting it into a book.
  • Paul's book The Joy of Living Clean and Sober.

To contact Paul Trammell go to:

Instagram: Trammell.paul

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